Data visualization as a recruiting tool

At a glance

Job Elevation born as a tool for finding the perfect job using a visualization tool that helps you navigate over 7000 digital companies.

The startup was conceived by Glenborn, a recruiting firm from New York. You can try Job Elevation for free here.

Making a visual roadmap

Back in 2014 I was contacted by a boutique software factory in Buenos Aires to make a UI for this tool (in beta at that point).

I started right away working on building user flows and wireframes to rethink the user experience.

Product rationale

The idea of Job Elevation is to profile a new user by asking for the two previous companies and funnel their profile within 9 digital media verticals inspired by the sector landscapes from Luma Partners.

Based on these verticals, Job Elevation levearage a service API that queries job oportunities from 7000 digital companies.


Branding & UI

With a vibrant color palette and a custom set of icons Job Elevation needed a logotype to help syntetize the idea of a treemap visualization interface.

Here is the evolution of this idea.


Job Elevation was my first experience as a product designer. Back in 2014 I did not know such term but in this project I made UX, UI and branding all combined. Setting the right tone for a very innovative tool was the most challenging part.

The journey made me a better designer as it gave me the opportunity to think holistically by merging experimental interfaces, a treemap and forcing layout visualizations, to explore and discover more 7000 digital media companies and their potential careers in them.